S.T.O.P. x RadTech: Worker Surveillance in the Age of COVID
In this session, we’ll examine the expansion of and resistance against both remote and in-person worker surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spying on workers is nothing new in American history, but the rise of remote work has led to unprecedented use of invasive employee monitoring software, such as facial recognition, keystroke tracking, and remote cameras and microphones.

Joined by labor advocates Ryan Gerety and Strea Sanchez (United For Respect) and Frank Kearl (Make The Road NY), we’ll discuss these remote technologies alongside the enduring surveillance of workers in retail, restaurants, warehouses, and other in-person spaces. What’s new, what’s business as usual, and what can we do to uplift worker-led movements to resist surveillance?

Moderated by S.T.O.P.’s Albert Fox Cahn.


Ryan Gerety is a researcher at United For Respect and works with organizers and grassroots organizations to understand and respond to the technological acceleration of structural inequality.

Strea Sanchez is an organizer at United for Respect, and formerly was a warehouse worker at Amazon for two years.

Frank Kearl is a Staff Attorney at Make The Road NY. Based in Staten Island, NY, his legal work focuses on labor rights, including advocacy on behalf of Amazon warehouse workers.
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