Webinar: Saving Local Newspapers Squeezed by Hedge Funds
Given the ongoing challenges faced by news organizations and journalists –beyond a pandemic and transformative time in media – hedge funds have continued to buy local newspapers, squeezing them until near death. In a new proposal produced under the direction of the Center for Journalism & Liberty, Steven Waldman, CEO of Report for America, advocates for policy relief for journalism. In his forthcoming paper, he outlines a funding structure for a "replanting strategy" – to acquire and transfer hundreds of newspapers owned by private equity funds and replant them with local community groups.

The Center for Journalism & Liberty and the Open Markets Institute invite you to join a webinar featuring Waldman in conversation with advocates about his new paper and proposals. His outline will be contrasted with a similar idea, coming out of the Shorenstein Center, called the National Trust for Local News that would assemble capital to finance the transition of locally-owned newspapers to more sustainable forms,

Background: Waldman's plan could transform some of the 6,700 privately owned newspapers into community-grounded institutions. Read more here: https://www.journalismliberty.org/publications/replanting-strategy-saving-local-newspapers-squeezed-by-hedge-fund

Jody Brannon, CJL director

Steve Waldman, CEO and cofounder, Report for America, and author of landmark 2011 FCC report on the future of local media

Fraser Nelson, VP, business innovation, Salt Lake Tribune, who helped convert the daily to nonprofit status.

Denise Rolark Barnes, publisher of the Washington Informer and chair of the National Newspaper Publishers Association

Elizabeth Hansen, Ph.D., Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy

Marc Hand, CEO of Public Media Venture Group
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