Protecting the 2020 Elections in the Age of Facebook
Please join us for a special webcast about protecting election integrity, voting rights, and democracy in the age of Facebook. Our guests will discuss what they see as the most perilous threats to democracy that are being promulgated on Facebook and what can be done about them—through government regulation, legal efforts, changes to company policies, and pro-democracy activism.

- Ángel Díaz is counsel in the Liberty & National Security Program of the Brennan Center for Justice. His work focuses on the intersection of technology with civil rights and civil liberties.

- Yaël Eisenstat is the former Global Head of Elections Integrity Operations for political advertising at Facebook. She is a key voice and public advocate for transparency and accountability in tech.

- Myaisha Hayes is the Campaign Strategies Director at MediaJustice, where she oversees the launch of campaigns such as #NoDigitalPrisons and #ProtectBlackDissent.

- Jesse Littlewood is the Vice President of Campaigns at Common Cause, which is training election protection social media monitors to combat cyber-suppression in their communities.

Sponsored by the Protest Facebook Coalition, Media Alliance, and Global Exchange.
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