Culture Shock: How COVID Changed the Supply and Demand of Streaming
As the global outbreak of COVID-19 continues to push human behavior in many directions, opportunity gaps continue to widen. While demand for online streaming is surging, we're exploring how content preferences are changing.

This webinar will scan the entertainment landscape for non-obvious shifts in both supply and demand of movies and TV shows. At the end of the webinar, you will come away with insights that will both inform and inspire you to come out of the pandemic on top.

StoryFit CEO Monica Landers will:
- Take a look at what's changed - and what has stayed the same - in the supply of SVOD movies and TV shows in the US over the last few years.
- Compare the number of originals, exclusives and licensed content by genre of the major US SVOD platforms to provide insight into the platform’s strategy.
- Dive deep into the story data for a few successful titles.
- Identify white spaces for creative development in the new world of entertainment.

Muso Co-Founder and CEO Andy Chatterley will:
- Look at how COVID-19 impacted TV and Film piracy consumption in 2020.
- Compare TV and Film piracy in 2020 and examine the value of the piracy audience.
- Deep dive into specific titles and genres, and discuss the value of piracy data.
- Explain how piracy data is being used by the TV and Film industry to increase revenues.

DPP CEO Mark Harrison will:
- Moderate the session, using his knowledge of companies from across the media supply chain to set the findings in a wider industry context.
- Provide insights from DPP’s own research on: how Covid-19 will change the way we work; how companies will design their businesses for the future, to be able to respond to new and rapidly forming consumer trends.
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