Collateral Damage - Exploring the Devastating Impact an Addict Has On Their Loved Ones
Much progress has been made over the last several decades in society’s understanding of addiction. Most people recognize that addiction is not a choice someone makes, rather it’s an uncontrollable need to escape pain.

Notwithstanding a more compassionate perspective on addiction, the pain created by addicts, especially in the lives of their loved ones, is very real. A well known saying in the addiction community is that left untreated an addiction results in death, institution or imprisonment.

Many family members of addicts find their lives completely consumed by the addict. This can result in tremendous confusion, suffering, loss of identity and possibly worse.

Join Eli Nash and a panel of 3 others as we attempt to put words to this devastating experience. Rabbi Simon Jacobson, a world-famous scholar and Jewish mystic will be joined by Miriam H. and Stephanie Pollak.

Stephanie lost her husband to a drug addiction a few years back and has since fought valiantly to reclaim her life. A captivating storyteller and an accomplished presenter, Stephanie is the embodiment of leveraging pain for purpose.

Miriam H., the wife of David Chaim, the founder of Porn Anonymous, is a leadership coach with decades of experience and the credentials to match. When Miriam’s marriage was tested by her husband’s sex addiction, the lack of support available to spouses of sex addicts became apparent to her. Today, she has become for others what she did not have herself, a support and a guide in the early stages of recovery. Miriam and her husband have helped thousands of people over the years lead a full life despite the incredible challenge sex addiction presents to a family.

Sunday, May 31st at 12 pm EST
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