Kenanga Banking Sector Outlook: In For the Long Game or Short Game?
Banking stocks are typically viewed highly for their “blue chip” status but like most equities, are at the mercy of market forces. The last two years have been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic and its ramifications to the global economy. The banking sector has also been far from quiet, as the financial services sector juggled with moratoriums and assistance programs while navigating interest rates expectations.

As the dust seems to clear, we are now faced with the possibility of a pending global recession. How will this affect the banking sector going forward? Are banking stocks still a viable option for investing? Let’s tackle these issues and gain some insights on the opportunities in the banking space.

We have invited the Senior Equity Analyst of Kenanga Investment Bank, Mr. Clement Chua, to conduct this webinar "Kenanga Banking Sector Outlook: In For the Long Game or Short Game?".

The webinar consists of 2 segments; 60-min for content delivery & 15-min for Q&A.

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